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  • Solution Brief
    Need a short overview of our solutions? Curious about how UCOPIA solutions can help your brand to design user experience through network interactions?
  • Advance Solution
    UCOPIA Advance product line provides all of the UCOPIA functionalities and is intended for medium to large projects. (Campuses, Retail, Large venue / Public, Conference center, airport etc)
  • Express Solution
    UCOPIA Express is mainly aimed at small organisations (Hotels, SMB, Clinics, Schools...)
  • Industry Solutions
    As every business has its needs, find out how UCOPIA can answer to your needs with our Industry Solutions brochure.
  • Legal Handbook
    The response to the legal obligations imposed upon organizations which provide access to the Internet to members of the public in the member states of the European Union.
  • CLUB MED: a Mobile First Strategy to enhance the hospitality user experience
    Over the recent years, the hospitality industry has been in constant search of a makeover. The traditional business model was deeply struck owing to the emergence of « Pure Players » and collaborative business models. Technology changes, the transformation of the digital ecosystem, and the rise of new trends among users have all had a hand in this market turmoil. For all players in the hospitality industry, it soon became a must to initiate and successfully achieve their digital transformation as a way to defend their competitive edge.
  • AccorHotels Arena
    Founded in 1984 and totally revamped in 2015, AccorHotels Arena is at the forefront of the entertainment world in Paris: this modular and multipurpose venue is home to multiple high-profile events held in the City of Lights. To complete this digital journey and migrate to a high-density Wi-Fi infrastructure, AccorHotels Arena started looking for a technology that would boost user experience on the premises, and make it more simple, friendly and secured.
    VFL BORUSSIA MÖNCHENGLADBACH verwendet skalierbare UCOPIA Lösungen.
  • Free Wi-Fi Bus: Boost User Experience on Board
    AÉROLIS chooses UCOPIA to boost user experience by offering free Wi-Fi on board its premium bus routes.
  • TU/E
    The Technical University of Eindhoven takes control over thei guest Wi-Fi with UCOPIA.
  • Diademys
    Diademys is an french integrator and managed service provider who partner with UCOPIA to build a 100% managed SAAS offering.
  • Olympia London
    UCOPIA manages the wireless network of Olympia London which is one of the most popular conference and exhibition venues in the world.
  • Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham (UK)
    Edgbaston is a world-class Cricket Stadium in the UK. Sean Miller, Digital Media Producer, lists the benefit of the UCOPIA solution for his stadium.
  • Ratcliffe College, Leicestershire (UK)
    Ratcliffe College is a private school in Leicestershire (UK) that uses the UCOPIA solution to manage and monetize its Wi-Fi Network.
  • The British Library, London (UK)
    UCOPIA handles the Wi-Fi guest access for the British Library which is the national library of the United Kingdom.
  • The British School of Paris, Paris (France)
    UCOPIA manages the Wi-Fi Guest Access at the the British School of Paris which is one of the oldest and largest international British schools in the world. The British School of Paris welcomes 850 students of fifty different nationalities supervised by more than one hundred teachers.

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