DIADEMYS propose a 100% managed SAAS offering

Diademys is an integrator and a host of solutions for the infrastructure of information systems. Founded in 2006, the company has now established itself as one of the major players in the world of IT infrastructure and application development, based on the advanced Web 2.0 technologies on the cloud computing market.


Dan Michel, Head of the networks and security Business Unit, presents CIRRUS, a 100% managed SAAS offering by Diademys. This offer includes a guest management service based on a captive portal, while respecting the legal aspects of the 2006 decree.

Diademys provides the installation of tailored technical solutions for the customer but the aim of the offer is based on complementary support services to meet all potential requests. This is a turnkey solution, a relief for the customer who lets Diademys manage his solution from A to Z.


“The main customer need is the installation of a guest captive portal in a specific area (meeting room, reception…) without jeopardizing the existing Wi-Fi“ said Dan Michel. “That is why we propose a WAAS (Wi-Fi as a Service ) offering that includes the coverage study and the APs installation, but we also provide a GAAS (Guest As A Service) offering for customers with an existing wireless infrastructure or existing internet access.“ Dan Michel added, ”in most cases, the line is not requested but offered as an option, because the client prefers to subscribe for an access via his own ISP. “
The WAAS offering enables customers to manage their wireless configuration in the Cloud, whereas the GAAS offering propose a captive portal management interface.

The benefits of a Cloud solution and a centralized architecture can reduce the installation costs and finely manage the multi-tenant infrastructure.


“The biggest challenge on the SMB market is the pricing, because most of the time, mid-market customers are multi sites (5/6 sites on average) and equipping each site can be expensive. We must therefore address this market with a competitive offer.“ said Dan Michel. “That is why it is interesting to share the infrastructure for several customers because connections are never simultaneous on several sites.“
The purpose of Diademys’ offering is to allocate resources to multiple clients and refocus flows at a competitive cost. From a technical standpoint, Diademys uses the “Aerohive” VPN solutions and their “Hive Manager” to centralize the flow in a datacenter thus to save the on-site resources. Diademys propose a declining offering over 3 years with a rate based on 15 licenses per year that costs €2.90 per user per month (excluding cost of the internet line).

Diademys propose a Cloud offering, 100% managed and flexible. WAAS & GAAS are adaptable to the customer’s infrastructure without challenging it, while freeing the client from any legal constraints after the 2006 decree.

“The customer does not have to worry about the 2006 decree and other legal constraints. We take responsibility for managing court applications for our customers. “
Dan Michel


“We interviewed several guest management solution publishers but many of them offer a limited offering that does not allow us to manage simultaneous connections on a global portal but to manage by Wi-Fi access point. For a brand wishing to equip 100 stores, operating by AP is very tough“ develops Dan Michel. “Moreover, these solutions do not respond quickly when it comes to search for logs at the request of the competent authorities. UCOPIA master the subject and has already enabled us to respond to such a request by helping us finding a URL to find the related session and user“

“We appreciate the proximity and the availability of the UCOPIA team.”
Dan Michel

Diademys is a major player in the French Managed Cloud market, integrator and host of solutions for IT systems infrastructures.
With two data centers and three service centers (Network Integration Technologies & Services, Cirrus, Cloud Managed) Diademys is the reference partner in the management of infrastructure and business applications, at all stages of a project. Established in 2006, Diademys today is a team of 160 experts collaborators involved and certified serving more than 300 clients, SMEs, ETI and large accounts in France and Europe for a turnover of € 30 million in 2015.
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