Discover UCOPIA solutions to enhance your Wi-Fi network

Express Lite

Offer simple and enriched connectivity to VSEs and SMEs thanks to UCOPIA's expertise up to 30 simultaneous connections.

The simple solution

Customize your digital ecosystem, from login page to the lived experience by your customers in your business. Simple and economical, Express Lite is the solution to boost your visibility!


Ensure the security of your public and corporate network and the comfort of your users up to 2,000 simultaneous connections!

Design your digital brand!

Respond to your customers’ new needs and show your digital assets with your understanding of their expectations with connectivity and a new customer journey.


Realize your big projects by offering an immersive experience of up to 100,000 simultaneous connections

The technology ambition

Large businesses and large public places should be exemplaries in the premium experience offered. High availability, redundancy, and load balancing will help you deliver quality connectivity.


From mass communication to proximity marketing with customers knowledge!

Data Marketing and Customer Centric

With Analytics of Wi-Fi technology, analyze your users’ behaviors and usages to develop accurate targeting and communication segmented in real time!


From 1 to 30 devices in simultaneous connection on your network
The Express Lite solution, a Wi-Fi Solution, was created to meet the expectations of European SMEs and VSEs with a view to simplified connectivity. With easy operation, every local business (bars, hotels, restaurants, shops, …) can offer a Wi-Fi access point complying with legal requirements. Express Lite makes it easy to personalize the login page of your customers to enable them to connect through social networks or an authentication form.


Broadcast your ecosystem up to 2,000 people simultaneously
Ensure the security of your network and improve user comfort through a Wi-Fi Solution. By putting customer needs at the heart of your strategy, analyze data to better understand your customers and create tailored marketing campaigns.

  1. Up to 2000 simultaneous connections
  2. Easy installation
  3. Ease of use
  4. A complete solution, all in one
  5. Availability of the 6 key UCOPIA key features


Deliver an immersive experience of up to 100,000 simultaneous connections
UCOPIA Advance is a Wi-Fi solution designed for complex network environments and offers a redundancy and load balancing mechanism that allows thousands of users to connect simultaneously. The Advance range offers high performance solutions for large complex projects and the most demanding deployments. Aimed at medium to large organizations as well as service providers, it is the ideal solution for campus deployments, multi-site and retail environments, event venues, conference centers, stadiums and airports, etc.

  1. Up to 100,000 simultaneous connections
  2. High availability, redundancy, and load balancing
  3. Multi databases / directories
  4. Integration AAA infrastructure


The Proximity Marketing solution is part of a move to improve the quality of the customer experience. Analytics services provide the ability to use harvested user data to monetize services and create new value niches for end users.

Make the transition from mass communication to targeted marketing to promote your digital strategy with real-time tools. Manage your marketing campaigns from a dedicated platform and customize your promotional levers to honor your brand image to avoid the feeling of intrusive actions.